Our homes define us. They are our day’s beginning and its end. They are our place of sanctuary and our face to the world.

Our homes hold all that we have collected, and the treasures placed in our keep by those before us. But ultimately our homes hold our memories and experiences.

My goal is simple: To touch client’s lives and create beautiful homes, melding tradition and order with the modern. I seek to reinterpret the architecture that we all cherish, revealing it anew, honoring its relationship to the landscape while still paying homage to the grace of classical reference.

I first pursued my interest under the hand of A. Hays Town,“The Master of Louisiana Style” and celebrated Southern architect, years before I entered architecture school at Mississippi State University. Later, it was Bobby McAlpine who informed my style and gave me my first job. Their generosity and genius inspire me still. /  JEREMY CORKERN

Jeremy was previously a partner with Bates Corkern Studio. Jeremy presently designs custom residences, furniture, and he never tires of travel and continuing his interest in history and architecture. His work has been widely published and award winning. He is a member of The Classical Institute of Architecture. Jeremy lives and works in Birmingham, Alabama.